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Express yourself with GIFs.

Find a place to meet up.

Undo text regret.

Message for free with friends.

Say goodbye to I.O.U.s

Privately share your
live location.

Text with benefits.

Slightly random expression.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is worth a thousand high fives. Dasher lets you say what you really want with pics, GIFs, links and more. Take a poll to find out what your friends really think of your new boo. Fave one-liners that make you literally LOL. Express yourself.

Hint: Put spaces between words, eg #eye roll

Meet up IRL.

Privately share your live location.

Take the conversation offline. Trying to meet up for burgers and beers? Share the address directly into your chat. Dasher allows you to skip the back and forth about where everyone's at and privately share live locations. Your chronically late BFF? Go ahead and guilt trip them in real time.

  • Places to Go

    Venues and locations from Google Maps, Foursquare and Yelp show on a map with details like rating, price and distance.

  • One hour live

    You location is live for one hour when you share it. Too long? Turn it off at any time. Or add more time for a longer journey (iOS only).

  • Combined Map

    On iOS, tap on any map in a conversation to view all of the places and people sharing their location in that chat.

Message Anywhere.

One account everywhere.

Your friends, your messages, your account. Access your conversations from a computer and pretty much any iOS or Android device. So if your phone dies, you're not screwed. Log in with a friend's device to spread the word. It doesn't matter if you're working, partying, or somewhere between the two, Dasher stays in sync with you.

  • On your computer

    Dasher works on any computer connected to the internet (like the one you're using right now).

  • On your phone

    Dasher works with any iOS or Android device.